Scratch 3.0

Dla naszych totalnych freaków mamy Scratch 3.0!

Jest on jeszcze nieopublikowany i nie posiada języka polskiego ale…

zachęcam do zabawy


„…Scratch 3.0 (Beta On Github) is an announced version of Scratch to succeed Scratch 2.0. It is a complete redesign and reimplementation of Scratch. Though the public can currently test Scratch 3.0, a public alpha release is planned for the first quarter of 2018.[1] The final release date is unknown. No name has officially 

been decided for the next version of Scratch, but according to Scratch Team member Andrew Sliwinski (thisandagain), it will most likely be called „Scratch 3.0”, following the trend. Scratch 3.0 will be written in HTML5, which is a general term for the latest HTML, CSS, and Javascript web-based markup and programming languages. Scratch 3.0 will primarily use the WebGL, Web Workers, and Web Audio Javascript libraries. Javascript is a widely supported language across all web browsers, and WebGL was picked for its speed and ability to perform operations like „touching color”. Unlike Adobe Flash, Javascript works without requiring any browser extensions…”