Nowadays, travelling all around the world has become easier and a lot of people are going on various trips. But travelling all alone and slowly walking into a different place and culture, is quite different! I experienced this type of travelling by coming to Poland and I am glad that I had this fantastic experience. When first I arrived to Poland, I was exhausted ,urging for some sleep due to the long hours of transit. I arrived in Gdańsk, and that was the start of meeting wonderful and unforgettable people. I enjoyed the winds of Baltic sea alongside Gdynia, Sopot and Gdańsk and their beautiful nature. After six days, It was the time for moving to Dywity – a village close to Olsztyn City- which I was staying in, with my lovely roommate ;Bianca. I have to admit that the city- Olsztyn- is really beautiful with all the lakes and specially the architecture of buildings! The days of going to school started, and my vision from Poland started to form by seeing Polish people’s lives. I wouldn’t imagine that people could be this kind and lovely, caring and helping!  Families and students, teachers and staff, all great. I started to learn about history of Poland and how people had faced many problems to pass the sad times and how they have built a better country for the newer generation. When I put my glasses on, I found that Poland is the today’s Poland because of its people. From the eyes of an outsider, The key to this successful movement of improvement are hardworking people who are open to changes. This is one of the most eye catching matters from my viewpoint that I really enjoyed and I’m proud that I chose Poland ??.